Beyond Word Vectors; Google Paragraph Analysis

tecliveSemantic Analysis

We’ve all heard a ton about Google’s RankBrain over the last while, and even yours truly delved into it and into a word vector patent as well. But there’s been something that wasn’t quite complete. Something my geek friends and I have considered as waiting for the other shoe to drop. You see, from all that we’ve learned, ol’ RankBrain … Read More

RankBrain – The Word2Vec Patent from Google

tecliveSemantic Analysis

Is it part of Google’s RankBrain? Probably worth learning more about. Last fall Google started talking publicly about their new “RankBrain” approach and to this day, the SEO world seems to be somewhat confused on what exactly it is. At the core it’s a system that uses words as vectors to better understand and predict results to queries they serve … Read More

SEO Benchmarks and KPI

tecliveSearch Engine Optimization

How to measure SEO success Recently we learned that most SEOs still consider that rankings are a performance indicator, just less of a value than in the past. Or at least according to a recent poll we held. This all begged the question, what ARE the metrics of measuring SEO success? Well, in short, there is no cookie cutter approach … Read More

Query classification; understanding user intent

tecliveTechnical SEO

What exactly is the function of a search engine? In simplest terms it acquires, stores and returns information (from the web). Ok, simple enough. But we’re talking about people here, people seeking information. How they interact with the search engine is often a huge problem. What is the user intent? A good way of starting to pick apart that puzzle … Read More

Google Reconsideration Requests & Replies; understanding the evolution

tecliveForensic SEO

Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be some changes to the replies one receives when filing a reconsideration request with Google? I have. Reconsideration requests are all the rage with the fashionable SEOs since 2012. Everybody’s doing it. We hear about them at every turn. But there really doesn’t seem to be much out there on actual replies. … Read More

Google page layout algorithm; page segmentation gets a new twist

tecliveTechnical SEO

A while back, the folks at Google were talking about their ‘Page Layout Algorithm‘ which by and large discusses how users might not be all that keen on having ads above the fold; “… we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience. … Read More