Affordable Video Production and Editing

Professional video production has the power to bring a page, product, or idea to life, and is the best way to promote, engage, and convey your message. However, it can quickly become costly and time-consuming.

At Verve, we offer video production and editing as part of your content strategy, or as a stand-alone service, at rates that suit your budget, without having to compromise quality. With our trained staff and the leading industry tools, we can make your video dreams a reality.

Video Design Services

Video has become an essential part of any marketing campaign or content strategy. It’s time to get on board with a company that knows the web, knows your audience, and knows how to reach them.

Here are some of the development services we supply;

  • Editing and Special Effects; We take your raw footage, and make it Hollywood.
  • How To Videos; are a great way to add content and engage users.
  • Poduct and Service promo. Effective videos that convert.
  • YouTube Intros & Outros; Stunning, full HD intros and outros built to grab your audience using professional 3D animation, video, and images. Ready to attach to any project.
  • Advertising and Commercials; To promote your products or services, you’ll want to create compelling ads that reach your target audience and motivate them to contact .
  • Promotional; Whether it’s your webpage, a product or service, an event, or just you, we can make it shine. We know how to market, and you get content that’s optimized for sharing.

Trailers and Promotional Videos

YouTube channel trailer; this is a short trailer we produced for our sister site’s YouTube channel.

This one (below) is a promotional video for use on the site;

This is another channel trailer we made;

This one is part of an educational series running on the SEO Dojo website;

Verve Portfolio Video

And of course, we also recently made a short video to highlight the web design work we do here at Verve. It was used on our portfolio page;

This is a fairly new area for us, so you can bet the prices will be affordable over the next while to help us build up a portfolio of work.

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • This was a SEO audit project. Verve was very professional and knew the industry well.Final analysis was of quality. Will be hiring these guys again. Look forward to more projects together.
  • You ROCK! Very is responsive, funny, mindful, clear, communicates well and is a pleasure to work with. There is a 99.99% chance that they are the obvious choice for your project.
  • What a life saver! They went above and beyond for us. They fixed everything and more. Very efficient, knowledgeable, pro-active, professional and so quick! I will definitely hire them again! Muchas Gracias!
  • Loved working with them. They are smart, proactive and energetic. Did an amazing job on creating the website!
  • Great work despite a mess left by the programmer previously hired. Thanks!
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