SEO Consulting Services

Looking for a second opinion? Need strategic advice? Having problems with your Google rankings? Then we’re here to help.

Program Support Consulting

At Verve we do a lot of SEO consulting work with in-house teams, agencies and others. Yes, even other SEO firms come to us for help. Often times we’re retained for a variety of reasons on an ‘as needed’ or advisory basis. If you’re just in need of some high level overview, advice or problem solving this is the way to go.

  • Getting a second set of eyes on a strategy
  • Systems & analytic assessment
  • Ensuring tactics are future-proofed (last the test of time)
  • Vetting of sub-contractors
  • Creating benchmark and tracking systems
  • Long & short term road maps

We’ve also worked in training in-house staff, assessing systemic requirements and even adept at dealing with penalties from search engines such as Google. Get in touch and tell about your needs

Need short term help? A second opinion?

We have also offer short term SEO consulting services. If you don’t need full-time consulting, if you’re just looking for a second set of eyes on a given problem or concern, then Verve has a solution to fit your budget.

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Lost rankings? Been penalized?

One of our specialities, is dealing with websites that havr, one way or another, run afoul of the search engines. Many times it’s not always obvious as to what might have happened to your rankings/traffic. We have extensive experience in not only the research and analysis aspects to find out what happened, but getting the site back into the index or recovered in short-order.

We have taken sites that have been affected by minor penalties and algorithm shifts as well as those completely removed from the index. Most with successful recovery (there are no guarantees in life). If you’ve been tanked in the index, then check out our full line of forensic SEO services today!

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What People Are Saying About Us

  • This was a SEO audit project. Verve was very professional and knew the industry well.Final analysis was of quality. Will be hiring these guys again. Look forward to more projects together.
  • You ROCK! Very is responsive, funny, mindful, clear, communicates well and is a pleasure to work with. There is a 99.99% chance that they are the obvious choice for your project.
  • What a life saver! They went above and beyond for us. They fixed everything and more. Very efficient, knowledgeable, pro-active, professional and so quick! I will definitely hire them again! Muchas Gracias!
  • Loved working with them. They are smart, proactive and energetic. Did an amazing job on creating the website!
  • Great work despite a mess left by the programmer previously hired. Thanks!
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