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In the ever changing world that is Google your website can often run into trouble as standards change. On of the areas that we’ve seen more common over the last few years is in the area of manual penalties.

A manual penalty from Google is a direct action that can penalize sections of the site or even the entire website. This might not even be your fault completely. It can actions take by your designer, your SEO or even getting caught up as Google evolves.

When that happens; it’s time to call the professional cleaners… that’s us.

What are Google Manual Penalties?

Google Manual Actions come in a variety of of flavours and can be partial, or site-wide penalties. The manual actions that can affect a website include, (links go to Google official definition pages);

How do I know if I have been penalized?
In the Webmaster Tools Dashboard, click Search Traffic, then clickManual Actions. From there you will see a list of any manual penalties/actions that have been applied to your site.

  • The Site-wide matches section lists actions that impact an entire site.
  • The Partial matches section lists actions that impact individual URLs or sections of a site. It’s not uncommon for pages on a popular site to have manual actions, particularly if that site serves as a platform for other users or businesses to create and share content. If the issues appear to be isolated, only individual pages, sections, or incoming links will be impacted, not the entire site.

If there is a notification in there, then you are being affected by one or more of Google’s manual actions.

How do I get them lifted?
Here at Verve we’re experts in identifying the issues and resolving them. The process can vary depending on the penalty in question, but ultimately we’ll work with you and your team to clean up the offending issues and then submit a reconsideration request to Google to get things back on track.

If you’ve been affected… get in touch today and we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

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