SEO Programs

Our search engine optimization programs are created for a second-tier more involved service model. These programs cover the more specific areas that make up a full-spectrum SEO Strategy (beyond our reporting options). Many times a complete SEO Campaign development and maintenance package doesn’t suit either. For those situations we have broken the process down into ‘bite sized’ pieces.

SEO Management Programs

We here at Verve offer ‘organic-style’ SEO campaigns that not only help increase visibility, but also increase the relevant traffic that converts. All while staying on the good side of the search engine’s graces. In the modern era of optimization it’s about having strong on-site practices in combination with well thought out content and promotion practices.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning; term prioritization
  • Full site audits
  • Content strategy & deployment
  • Monthly prioritized worksheets
  • Analytics reporting & analysis
  • Social; aligning social and SEO are key

The end result is a well rounded program that is focused on what’s import to you. It’s not just about getting traffic. It’s about getting the right traffic, that achieves your goals.

As with everything we do, each program is unique. Unique to your market. Unique to your site. Unique to your budget. Get in touch today and we will help build the right program to suit YOUR situation.

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Content Programs

We don’t talk about quality content around here because of all the sites mauled by the (Google) Panda of 2011. We don’t need to. We’ve been telling clients about it for years. It is about the users. It is about creating authority. It is about building brand. It never pays to take short cuts with the core element of your site: content.

A content program consists of;

  • Content generation; creating the right stuff.
  • Content visibility – getting seen.
  • Content Syndication – spreading the word

Creating new, fresh and compelling copy is paramount in your SEO activities. Here at Verve we specialize in re-purposing existing content for optimal user and search engine friendliness and creating new content for targeting new terms or building on existing ones. To learn more about the process, read this article of ours.

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  • Outreach program
  • Topic research and strategy
  • New content creation
  • Professional writers for every niche
  • Content optimization
  • Content management
  • Content updating program
  • Social media alignment

As well as giving the search engines the food they love, content can also be used to build links. We prefer to call it relationship building though. Great content paired with top notch outreach programs means you are building a network, not just links. Links are a natural byproduct.

As always, we generally build programs to suit the situation. Even if you need an entire SEO campaign programmed out, we can handle it. Or if you’re just looking for a segment of your SEO campaign to be managed by us, that’s what we do.

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  • Great work despite a mess left by the programmer previously hired. Thanks!
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