Site Audits and Reporting

At Verve we offer a variety of reporting options that can be used to assess your web site or to steer the Do It Yourself search engine optimizer in the right direction. These affordable reports will help you in doing your own planning, programs and maintenance.

Keyword Research and Targeting

One of the most important aspects of a successful SEO Campaign is Keyword research and development. It's where it all begins and ends.

If you target the wrong keywords and phrases before you start, it may be next to impossible to achieve your goals and the ROI (return on investment) may be less that palatable to say the least. One of our strong suits is establishing the RIGHT terms to chase to ensure success.

We research not only keywords and phrases but 'long tail' opportunities, niche markets, natural phrasing and more.

Some of the areas for reporting include;

  • List generation and sorting
  • Competitiveness research and analysis
  • PPC estimates and market analysis
  • Modifier and phrasing opportunity analysis
  • Page mapping
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • ...and more

Before you get started on any SEO program you must implement the due-diligence in research. The more comprehensive the initial research into keyword and phrase targeting is, the better the changes are of running a successful campaign will be.

Site Audits

Not sure if your site is up to the task? Our SEO site audit and analysis reports are a great way to see your site the way a professional SEO provider would at a fraction of the cost. Get a report on one page or on your entire site. It’s up to you. Here are just SOME of the areas we report on;

  • Optimize for a specific geographic location
  • Reports based on your page’s targeted keywords
  • Link profile and competitive analysis
  • Keyword mapping
  • Complete meta data analysis reporting
  • Site architecture and platform
  • On-Site internal and outbound link checking
  • Check for scripting & layout SEO readiness
  • Complete word/phrase targeting analysis
  • Duplication and attribution issues
  • Action plan - reporting, analysis and recommendations

This package is great for the do it yourself SEO webmaster or for a second opinion of existing SEO readiness. Why spend time assessing such (important) elements when you can have it done fast, efficiently and affordable, while you'’re working on the other areas of your business.

Link Profile Reporting

A bad Link Profile is a sure way to the bottom of the search results. We'll show you the status of your web site’s link profile and recommendations on how to improve it. Professional Link Profile analysis can save time and worry by telling you exactly where you stand in relation to the latest changes in the search world.

Some of the areas for reporting include;

  • Competitor analysis
  • Velocity trends
  • Link text analysis
  • Link diversity
  • Strategy analysis
  • Reporting and recommendations

If you want someone to analyze your current efforts and strategies or for analysis of what the competition is up to, this is the way to go. We've looked at literally thousands of link profiles in our time and have what it takes to bring you the actionable data you need.

Mix and Match

Ultimately we end up creating custom reports for many of our clients. The above services are merely some of the more standard ones we offer. Each client is a unique experience and our reporting reflects that.

Feel free to get in touch and tells us what your needs are and we'll put together a custom reporting package that meets your needs.

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