Bad SEO Advice Prevention Services

Hi there, my name is Dave and I... am an algoholic.

And that's not all. Something else that I am, is a passionate search marketer. One that has given up much of the last decade of his life in an attempt to make a difference in the SEO industry.

We had an idea...

SEO Forest and the Trees

Initially borne from frustration, a friend of mine and I lamented crappy services known to infest the world of SEO. Add to that many years of forensic SEO (sorting out penalties etc) and seeing the shoddy or short sighted work that is out there and well... why not put a finger in the damn just for the hell of it, right?

If you interested in having someone look at a proposal, a report, an audit, a program or even potential staffer, feel free to hit me up. I'd be happy to lend many years of experience at an affordable rate.

So many questions...


What gives me the right?

I guess nothing. It certainly isn't something that will endear me to my peers... or at least the one's that aren't playing straight out there. If I can save one business from destruction at the hands of a bad SEO, (and Google's evolution) it's worth it. If I can stop a few SEOs from doing dangerous and irresponsible things, it's worth it.


What qualifies me?

While I may not be intimate with every situation there is out there. With every market or niche. With every business model. I am well and truly adept at enough of it to do this. Not only have I worked with companies from the smallest to some of the larger corps (and everything in between) I have also had a community of professionals and friends that I've spent the last 4 years conversing with and at times, counselling to.

I have also audited other agencies in the past (for the agencies, as well as their clients) and I have picked up the pieces (one too many times) after bad SEO providers more times than I'd ever care to admit, or remember.

And I know a thing or two about search engines as well. Just in case that matters.


Am I just trying to steal clients?

Nope. Not a chance. On top of what I do already (web development, content strategy, marketing) for clients, this would push me to my limits. This is simply another way I see that I might affect some change. Beyond that, I am actually quite picky in my old age and really only want ideal situations when it comes to ongoing programs with clients.

And to be honest, it probably would be a bad way to start a relationship anyway. The personal brand damage risk outweighs the revenue potential for that kind of angle.

 SEO service provider audits

Who might need this service?

Consider it your own personal consultant. There to give an unbiased (is that even possible? Not sure) second opinion on that investment. If you're not sure about a proposal on your desk. If you're looking for a second opinion on that report. If you want to audit a provider at review time, hit me up. Let's talk.

But do understand, we'll do nothing more than give an honest piece of advice. We might just say how awesome they are... oddly, people don't like paying for status-quo, but that might just be the case. If you bring an open mind, so shall we.


AM I serious?

I'm not even sure at this point. Yes, there's some serious issues out there with the state of the SEO world. Yes, plenty of people are seriously hurt by bad SEO providers (lost jobs, closed doors). And yea, it seriously upsets me when I hear of them... uhm... yea, maybe I am serious.

So ok... I am putting this out there. If anyone uses it or not, it's there.


Apply Today!

Now, that we got past all that...  if you're looking for a second opinion on anything SEO related that is being done to your brand, do feel free to contact me here on the site, Facebook, ol' Google Plus and we can have a little chat and see where it leads.



To My SEO Brothers and Sisters

We all know the never ending debate about 'standards' and 'certification' within this thing of ours over the years. I am also acutely aware of websites that 'review' or post about the 'Top SEOs' etc, (yes, tongue firmly planted in cheek there). That's not what I am doing. In truth, I have just grown tired of constantly picking up the pieces. Constantly dealing with those paying for services that are less than reputable. I have no doubt any of you that are true pros, have problems seeing where this is coming from.

The rest of you that might be a bit leery? I am all ears... you know where to find me.

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