Affordable Video Production and Editing

Professional video production has the power to bring a page, product, or idea to life, and is the best way to promote, engage, and convey your message. However, it can quickly become costly and time-consuming.

At Verve, we offer video production and editing as part of your content strategy, or as a stand-alone service, at rates that suit your budget, without having to compromise quality. With our trained staff and the leading industry tools, we can make your video dreams a reality.

At Verve we put our emphasis on:

  • Understanding your message
  • Discovering and getting to know your audience
  • Finding your competitive advantage
  • Developing a strong unique selling position
  • ..and where you want to go together, with focused energy we define goals and develop a clear strategy.

This is the advantage to working with Verve. You get a team with a working knowledge of online marketing, which goes into every element of your video, every step of the way.

Video Design Services

Here are some of the development services we supply;

  • Google Hangouts on Air; We do full production work for Google HOAs.
  • How To Videos; are a great way to add content and engage users.
  • Intros/Outros; Stunning, full HD intros and outros built to grab your audience using professional 3D animation, video, and images. Ready to attach to any project.
  • Editing and Special Effects; We take your raw footage, and make it Hollywood.
  • Advertising and Commercials; To promote your products or services, you'll want to create compelling ads that reach your target audience and motivate them to contact you. We'll take care of that part; the rest is up to you.
  • Promotional; Whether it's your webpage, a product or service, an event, or just you, we can make it shine. We know how to market, and you get content that's optimized for sharing and targeted for driving engagement with your audience.
  • Training and Educational; Video tutorials are quickly replacing the conventional long-hand written instruction. We can create how-to guides for your products, step-by-step tutorials for software, or any other instructional videos you require.
  • The Full Package; Of course, if you've only just considered moving to video, or are new or inexperienced, leave it in our hands. We'll take your existing ideas and messages from conception, right through to broadcast/publication. Our experience is in building media from the ground up, and making it flourish.

Video has become an essential part of any marketing campaign or content strategy. It's time to get on board with a company that knows the web, knows your audience, and knows how to reach them.

Here are some examples of some recent work;

Trailers and Promotional Videos

YouTube channel trailer; this is a short trailer we produced for our sister site's YouTube channel.

This one (below) is a promotional video for use on the site;

This is another channel trailer we made;

This one is part of an educational series running on the SEO Dojo website;


Google Hangouts

We are doing full video production from the intros created to post production editing after the whos. This is a new service, as the Google Hangouts On Air are themselves, quite new. We will be directing these as well in the future to ensure a better final product.

Here's the promo;

Here's the actual show;

This is another Google Hangout on Air we're the production team on. We created the intro and are in charge of the weekly post-production work.



We're also producing videos and created the intro for SEOPros Helpline Hangouts... You can see a recent example below;

Verve Portfolio Video

And of course, we also recently made a short video to highlight the web design work we do here at Verve. It was used on our portfolio page;

This is a fairly new area for us, so you can bet the prices will be affordable over the next while to help us build up a portfolio of work. Be sure to get in touch to ask us about your needs.

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