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Social media is fast becoming an essential part of any company's online identity. While it's main purpose is engagement, users can now promote, interact, showcase products and build large, targeted audiences like never before.

Building a Social Identity can be difficult and time consuming, and often yields little return for the time and put into it, if not done correctly. Integrating and managing your brand across major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus is now simple with Verve.

As with everything we do, it's customized, but here's what to expect when you choose Verve;

  • Social Brand Development; an online voice, identity, look, feel, and message for your brand that speaks to your audience
  • Setup; From 'login' to launch, we prepare your pages fully, so all you have to do is start the conversation
  • Design; unique and beautiful custom art, graphics, or images that work with each social page
  • Continuity; a consistent look and feel across various Networks and Communities
  • Promotional Content; creation of graphical, written and video content designed to introduce and promote your new social identity
  • Communities; Some social networks allow community pages to accompany your main profile. We build these to fit your brand, as well
  • Individuality; Stand out in your marketplace as a social leader

Having an active social media identity means being in the conversation. It allows you to market directly to those who are interested in you, your ideas/products/messages, and what you're doing with them. It gives you access to a growing and expanding audience, targeted in a way that is unattainable through conventional marketing strategies.

Already have a Social Identity, do you?

We'd love to take a look at it, and offer any advice. Whether you need a new header graphic, a custom "social logo", or some tips on keeping your identity flourishing, we cover all aspects of social identity, in part and in whole.

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