Campaign Management

Are you ready to grow your social following and increase your customer base? Social Media marketing campaigns have grown in size and complexity, but they all aim to serve the same purpose: increase awareness, build and expand your audience, and of course, grow your overall conversion rate.

Unfortunately, many fail. This is usually due to poor planning, failure to interact sufficiently(it is a 'social' network, afterall), and a major or complete lack of tracking/analytics. These are the main points we focus on at Verve: Planning, Interaction, and Analytics.


Whatever you are promoting, we begin any campaign by focusing all our energy on developing your specific message, the target audience, and strategies for reaching them. This also includes creating unique images, posts and videos to promote, introduce, and deliver your campaign to the people.


We then shift to the conversation. Interaction is crucial, and it may not be possible to converse with every one of your followers directly. We can help you manage the conversation and decide how you interact with audience, as well as create fresh content to suit the evolution of the campaign.


Once the campaign is underway, it's time to start tracking. We tailor a custom analytics package to your specific campaign from over 30 different social metrics to track engagement, traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

As all campaigns are unique, we customize everything. Here are just some of the things to expect when you partner with Verve;

  • Development; of your ideas, strategies and overall message for your Campaign
  • Promotional Content; creation of graphical, written and video content designed to introduce and promote your message and raise awareness
  • Continuity; a consistent message, tailored to suit the unique qualities of each social network utilized
  • Communities; Bring your campaign to life with a custom communities built specifically for your message. We build these to fit your brand, as well
  • Nothing Manufactured; every follower, 'like', +1, etc. comes from a real person who is genuinely interested in you and your message
  • Analytics; creating custom benchmark and tracking systems from over 30 social metrics, so you can see your social efforts at work
  • More Followers; an ever-growing audience built around your brand, ideas, and message
  • Experience; an extensive knowledge of the evolution of social media marketing
  • Training; learn how to keep the conversation going and continue to build your online presence
  • Future-Proofing; ensuring strategies tactics put in place today last the test of time

Any successful social media campaign, like any other marketing campaign, takes time and careful planning. Knowing what you want to say, and who you're trying to reach, can be difficult. At Verve,we have been helping companies reach a wider audience with social marketing since most of these networks were first launched/available to the public. We have the experience and resources to make your next social campaign a success!


Ongoing Campaign Support

Have a campaign underway? We'd love to help give it a boost, or offer any advice. Whether you need some unique graphics/logos/ads, a custom promo video, or if you just want us to track and analyze it progress, Verve has you covered.

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