Joomla Development

Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems you can get. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate and ecommerce applications. It is simple to manage and reliable. Here at Verve we've been developing on it, since it's inception and have used it every way shape and form imaginable. From corporate and informational sites to complete portals, communities, intranets and e-commerce applications. We've done it all. We can customize any design or create custom Joomla! components and modules.

Our Joomla related services include;

  • Pre-install strategy and planning
  • Installation and configuration to suit your situation
  • Template design or adapting pre-made solutions
  • On site page design and graphics
  • Integration and adaptation of 3rd party add ons
  • Custom programming of components and modules
  • Updating and security

And much more. Every time we take on a new Joomla project, we gain new skills.


Free never means Free

All Open Source applications come with a caveat; free is a misconception. Sure, you could put them up on your website out of the box, but that rarely works. You will have to spend yours or a service provider's time getting things the way you want them. Think of it as renting the space for your business. You still need to bring in the furniture, the computers, paint the place to your liking and branding. Content management systems such as Joomla merely become the starting point.

The great part about it is that there is a large community of developers behind it that ensure it is effective and secure. When you have something custom built for your website you get more granular control and modification. The down side is that it costs more and now you have to be constantly adapting and maintaining your proprietary code. It can can be overwhelming.

We often recommend that small and medium sized businesses use open source applications such as Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart and others to get started. Even if you plan to have your own programs developed some day, it makes sense. You can work out the concepts and functionalities you want (on an OS application) and then have a better idea of how you want your custom programmed solution to function.

The Many Faces of Joomla

  • Joomla Community
    Joomla Community
    This is a fully featured paid community that has a payment gateway as well as forums, social networking, video library and much more. We've extended the core functions to create a completely customized feel.
  • Joomla Magazine
    Joomla Magazine
    In this instance we implemented a solution for a multi-author and multi-category news magazine. Comes with advertising sales management.
  • Joomla & VitueMart
    Joomla & VitueMart
    This Joomla website has a fully integrated 3rd party shopping cart solution and blog. You can manage everything from a single interface.
  • Joomla Lead Gen
    Joomla Lead Gen
    In this instance Joomla was used as a manufacturer informational site and as a lead generation tool for promoting their dealers. Utilizes a blog component and live help as well.
  • Joomla Brochure
    Joomla Brochure
    This time it was a simple brochureware informational site with the added implementation of a project management tool for the company's clients.

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