Risk Assessment & Prevention Services

If you didn't already know, Verve is an industry leader in SEO forensic and penalty recovery services. We've worked with businesses large and small to get things back right once they've gone wrong. Very wrong.

But what if things are going great? That doesn't mean you shouldn't worry. Most of our forensic clients come to us after it's too late. Please, don't be one of them. Sure, we like your business, we just hate to see you suffer.

Staying Out Of Trouble

In addition to our monitoring services, we also offer risk assessment consulting. What is that? It means we will come in and look around under the hood to ensure the direction you're taking isn't putting you into the cross-hairs of Google's ongoing algorithmic changes, dampeners and manual action penalties.

Our team of forensic and penalty specialists will give you a fully itemized list of potential risks you're facing or consult on any upcoming website changes you're thinking of making that might put you at risk. That, combined with our monitoring packages, will ensure that the traffic (and conversions/revenues) keep on flowing for years to come.

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