Forensic SEO Monitoring Services

For those that have run into problems and have lost massive amounts of search traffic from Google or Bing, it can be painful. Lost traffic. Lost conversions. Lost revenues. If there's one common thread we find when we do forensic consulting; they wish they'd been on top of it sooner.

Verve is an industry leader in forensic SEO and recovery work. We can help build a set of monitoring systems that you can follow to ensure they you're never caught off guard. Don't wait until it's too late.

Some of the elements and benchmarking we'll set up include;

  • Tracking known dates of algorithm updates
  • Manual action monitoring
  • Crawl data and errors
  • Query data anomalies
  • Keeping strong developer log data
  • Historic SEO on-site changes
  • Inbound link data tracking
  • Indexation levels and trends
  • Historic ranking fluctuations
  • Competitor tracking (for niche fluctuations)

We not only get all of these set up, but we'll teach you and your team what to be watching for. Or, if you prefer, we can set it up and monitor it for you.

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