Forensic SEO & Recovery Services

Have you been losing traffic from search engines? Not really sure what happened? Been hit by a manual penalty? Ready to get pro-active? We're here to help.

Verve Developments is one of the foremost experts in the world of forensic SEO. We've worked with websites small and large the world over helping them work out why they're losing valuable search traffic and getting them back on the road to recovery.

Forensic SEO consulting


Losing Search Engine Referrer Traffic?

In the case where you've already been losing traffic, but can't seem to work out exactly what the cause is, we offer a full on forensic SEO analysis consulting to establish what's being going on. From various algorithm updates, to changes on the site and off the site, it's often never as straight forward as it seems.

We offer the following services to help get things back on track;


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Ready To Get Pro-Active and Ahead Of The Game?

If there's one thing that is VERY common with those we help with our forensic services, it's that they wish they'd done something sooner. Sure, we can help get you back on the road to recovery, but by then it's too late and you've lost precious visitors, conversions and revenues. Never an ideal situation.

Learn more about how you can avoid losing traffic in the future;

Don't wait until you're losing traffic to get pro-active. We'll help set you up to stay ahead of the curve.

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And here's a recent video hangout we did on hiring forensic SEO consultants... it might help as well.


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