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PostJoint Joins the Guest Blogging Penalty Adventure

Posted by on in Link Building
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Seems another prominent guest blogging community has spoken. I give you; 'How we're different than MBG'.

Let's have some fun shall we?


"Worryingly, for publishers, there is some evidence that participating sites have also been penalised. This would be easy for Google to do, as the site list from MBG can be crawled or browsed by anyone logged into the site. "

Tee hee... 'for publishers'. You mean lame-ass SEO spammers right? Sorry, continue. Anyone logged into the site? Crawled? Wut? Googlebot has an account? How about the publicly available profiles, like these.

"We previously wrote about Google's fight against guest blogging and noted that their tactics seem to be focused on PR and scaremongering because their algorithms are unable to detect links "

Ah yes, that's the post where you've stated, "Many renowned websites have multiple authors and accept contributions from guests. " and "Author bios are subjective and Google can't tell whether the post has been written for links " - trust me, I don't think you get it folks. Seriously.


"The difference between us and MBG is that we've always put  quality first even if this means a smaller user base and lower revenues. "

Revenues... uh oh, this is starting to slide down that slippery slope....


"We've always been concerned about footprints, so from day one we've had a unique no browsing approach, where nobody can browse through or scrape our site list. "

Still missing the point (and even poking the bear now).

"Sometimes this does include follow links but these are mostly surrounded by good content content, good blogs, and good marketers. "

Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner. Now ya went and did it... sigh. Fight fucking club man, never mention the 'L-word'. Especially the clean variety.


"We're also building features for both parties to specify whether they accept follow links or not. These changes are not due to a fear of Google, but to create a better experience for everyone on our system. "

Sigh, didn't you hear what I just said? Oh right... Anyway, stop talking about that option. And changes aren't a due to fear? Uhm... I am guessing this entire post is a response to the MANY questions you are facing over there today. It might be a 'fear' of losing revenues, but don't kid anyone with this post not being about Google.

Right then...

Ok, so enough with the fun. They're an easy target.

If it was me? I'd simply be offering a community where authors, publishers and website owners can connect. I'd avoid even mentioning SEO to be honest. And advise against that sort of myopic view. Or hey, just advise everyone to use the nofollow. That'll work.

As for the users of these kind of services? Get yer head outta yer ass. Don't start to fall for this whole "Google can't find you" stuff. It's not about them accessing these services. They already obviously found a great crawl-able user bases to train some crawlers right?

Google is real fond of entities these days. If you seriously wanted to scale guest posting it would be like old school networks. You better know wtf yer doing. Just some easy shit...

Fake persona with no real history as an entity in Google pops up in author bios across a bunch of crap blogs. Said entity is now related to the company website entity. Blogs where these are showing up have a sketchy authority scoring and has a history of "guest post" or "guest author" verbage. Links are always followed and often targeted anchors. All of this is over a short period of time and also correlates to some other dodgy link building approaches (campaigns are often easy to spot). See where this is headed? Google doesn't need to get inside this 'network'. That doesn't mean yer safe.

Anyway, just putting it out there folks... use your head dammit!

UPDATE April 20 2014; They've now been hit, see our post -- PostJoint Penalized by Google

David has been in the world of web development and marketing since 1998 helping clients succeed in more markets than he can remember, (probably 'cause of his advanced age). He's best known as an avid search marketing blogger and information retrieval fanatic.


  • Guest
    Scott Polk Friday, 21 March 2014

    Either you get it or you do NOT get it

    ... its really that simple ...

  • Guest
    Andy Morley Thursday, 17 April 2014

    Post Joint Penalised.

    PJ was penalised today... you heard it here first

  • David Harry
    David Harry Sunday, 20 April 2014


    Figured that was bound to happen - don't poke the bear!

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