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Who's behind Verve Developments?

There are two parts to Verve,. David, Tanya and 'the Gang'.

The Happy Couple; David was a typical resistant businessman back in 1997 working in consulting from costing measures and forecasting to business and marketing plans. Tanya, on the other hand, was an energetic young waif that had a keen interest in computers and the internet. In the end her energy won over David and he embraced a new business world that they have developed together, wiht the help of their gang ever since.

David is an award winning and renowned SEO. He is best known for his work on search algorithms and breaking them down into layman's terms for all to understand. He also writes at our sister site, Search News Central and has also written for other websites such as; Search Engine Watch - Search Engine Land - Search Engine Journal - Web Pro News and more.

He was also been quoted in news publications such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Media Post, to name a few.

the Gang; These fine folks are the cogs and wheels spread around the globe. To remain competitive and maintain quality, we constantly seek out the best at what they do for the money. From programmers capable of dealing with simple tasks at $15/USD to top notch problem solvers for $50/hr. Over the last nine years we have built a reliable global team and never stop searching to improve. We don't have a facny office, but we're never limited to the talent in our own back yard. Rants?..


What good is a website without traffic and conversions?

...and in case you wondered.

Why Verve? Well, after many years of surfing down the highway, and various incarnations and identity soul searching we realized while we're still doing it day after day, and year after year. We enjoy our work. As we separated our business development interests from our design endeavor, a new vigor came to how we do things.

Not only do we build websites with an eye on form, but we also take care to ensure strong usability, marketing and conversion elements work along side of the feel and function.


What is Verve?

And of course we're always fond of reminding everyone where the name came from.


  • The Miriam Webster said , 'Etymology: French, fantasy, caprice, animation, from Latin verba, plural of verbum word -- 1.Archaic :-- 2 special ability or talent the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic . composition or performance : VIVACITY b : ENERGY, VITALITY "
  • Dictionary.com describes VERVE as 'Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition:'

So we look at the past, observe the present and look to tomorrow; Design and Marketing with Meaning

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